Doctors for developing countries

Every day we help our patients to restore their dental health using all of the modern dental methods available. We support the "German Doctors e. V." (Doctors for Developing Countries) organization so that even the poorer regions of the world can benefit from medical care.

We help by giving donations together with our patients. This way they are free to donate as much as they like. We use our own funds to double all donations received from our patients and, with their support, are able to contribute towards helping children and people in need.

The Doctors for Developing Countries organization has been helping people in need since 1983. The Doctors for Developing Countries committee has carried out over 3,800 missions in the so-called developing countries in the course of its existence with the help of doctors working on a voluntary basis, without remuneration. By now, approximately 2,100 doctors have travelled to these countries in order to treat patients, vaccinate children and operate clinics.

The committee has nine projects in the Philippines, in India, Bangladesh, Kenya and Nicaragua. The projects are supported on location by two to six doctors. On the island of Mindanao (Philippines) and in Nicaragua, a dentist is also a part of the team of doctors. All doctors work without remuneration. In addition to this, they also pay a contribution, amounting to at least half of the airfare. An independent group of sponsors takes care of the administrative costs, which amount to less than 6% of the entire expenses. This means that the administrative costs are extremely low as the committee is very modestly equipped and the majority of the administrative work is performed by volunteers. As the administrative costs are taken care of by a separate group of sponsors, the committee is able to guarantee that all project donations are directed to the work in the Third World in their entirety. 

Some kids from Philippines are watching a treatment

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