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Dear Patient, in our dental practice we offer almost the entire range of modern dentistry and we are pleased to introduce our services on the following pages. For every department we will introduce you to some of the dentists and employees working at our practices. We hope the following pages are informative and helpful for you.

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Professional Teeth Cleaning (Dental Hygiene), Bleaching (Tooth Whitening), Halitosis-Surgery, Dental Care - Personal Courses, Dental Sealants, Salivary Analysis, Bacterial Gene Analysis etc.

Dental Implants

A removable prosthesis or a bridge can be avoided by an implant. Thanks to new operation techniques the implantation is free of pain and still possible even in bad dental condition.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Whiter, smoother, harmonious and flawless - that is how most people would love to see their teeth. Thanks to the techniques of modern dentistry this wish can be fulfilled.

Biological Dentistry

Using the latest computer technology, we produce inlays, crowns and bridges made from ceramics - completely abandoning the use of metal.


Regulation of dento-maxillary anomalies usually without removal of permanent teeth, naturopathic supplementary treatment and Crozat appliances (invisible from the outside).


Artificial dentition is necessary to restore effective mastication and to prevent possible subsequent damage. A missing tooth might, for example, lead to tilting or migration of teeth, bone recession or jaw joint conditions. Aesthetics, too, play an important role, missing front teeth or sunken cheeks in particular can influence the facial expression negatively.