Advantages of Dental Implants

With the common dental replacement of bridges and prostheses healthy neighbor teeth and jawbones can be damaged. The bone substance is only preserved when natural strain is put on them. The root anchors the teeth firmly in place in the bone. You can imagine tooth roots to be like deep roots of a tree or pillars of a bridge. If there is a tooth root missing the jaw bone doesn't experience a natural weight and so degenerates slowly. A lot of people have experienced the painful results: the stress on neighbor teeth or dental replacements is too much in the long term and they become loose. Further teeth may get lost. Part and full dental prostheses are experienced as foreign objects, cause dents and limit the taste, touch and temperature senses dramatically. Permanent necessary adjustments of the prostheses are the consequences, with the additional insecurity when talking, laughing and eating.

Dental implants as permanent dentures

With implants these problems don't even occur. No wonder that annually several million implants are inserted world-wide. From a single tooth up to the treatment of an entire jaw. The demand for this method of modern dentistry that has been applied for more than 30 years increases. Even though at first being financially rather demanding, implants surely are the more efficient solution in the long run compared to conventional crown or bridge treatments.

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