Case Examples - Dental Implants

Tooth loss can happen for a variety of reasons: sports, cavity or inflammation of the periodontium (parodontitis). Insufficient care or wrong nutrition can also damage your teeth.

In the beginning of our life, we cannot show our teeth. But the tooth development is already there and they will have a lot of work in the course of their lifetime. That job will leave its marks. Who loses teeth is hoping for great replacements. It should look as natural as possible and should rebuild the function of the dentition in the best possible way. After the bone growth is completed, dental implants can be used at every age. Even for people at a very high age it is a possibility. Thanks to dental implants there is a optimal solution for almost every individual case. 


The modern implantology

Loss of a single tooth

If a single tooth is lost, the resulting gap can be closed by an implant. During this procedure, no healthy neighboring tooth has to serve as a pillar and doesn´t have to be grounded down. Also from the aesthetic point of view an implant often is a better solution than conventional treatments. Above all, modern ceramics enable a perfect imitation of natural teeth.

Several teeth are missing

Smaller and bigger gaps (interdental spaces) can also be closed with implants. The implants then serve as a pillar for your fixed dental replacement. A special situation occurs if you are missing several back teeth at the end of a row of teeth (free end situation). Here the implant is the best and only solution for fixed dental replacements. Without implants, only a removable part prosthesis with all its disadvantages is possible. Mechanical retaining elements e.g. brackets have to be attached which affect the looks as well as the wearing comfort.

All teeth are missing

Even if you have lost all your teeth you do not have to accept the normal full denture. In this special case, we can help you by offering an implant solution. This can be arranged according to your requirements, needs and desires in combination of either removable and/or fixed dental prostheses. Many denture wearers complain that their dental prosthesis fits badly and that they suffer from painful pressure points. Neither dental adhesives nor mechanical support solve these problems permanently and satisfactorily. Implants can fix these problems by providing a permanent fix for the prosthesis. If the toothless jawbone regresses the full denture can often no longer be held in place.